Anyone else remember Mortimer from “House of Mouse”?

I love going on Big Thunder Mountain when its dark. It makes the ride even more exciting!

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Walt Disney Dec 5, 1901 - Dec 15, 1966

“The death of Walt Disney is a loss to all the people of the world. In everything he did, Walt had an intuitive way of reaching out and touching the hearts and mind of young and old alike. His entertainment was an international language.
For more than 40 years, people have looked to Walt Disney for the finest quality in family entertainment. There is no way to replace Walt Disney. He was an extraordinary man. Perhaps there will never be another like him… The world will always be a better place because Walt Disney was its master showman.” - Roy O. Disney

I’m sexy and I know it

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Reblog if you’re willing to answer publicly anything that comes to your ask box right now.

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I used to always watch the House of Mouse! This is and always will be my favorite cartoon show.

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emilysawyer-xo asked: I LOVE THIS BLOG! <3333333333

Thanks so much! That really means alot to me :)